Internet Leased Line

Internet Leased Line

MEPL provides dedicated and uncompressed internet leased line services to enterprise sector and various educational and other institutes.MEPL‘s Internet Leased Line gives you the independence of a dedicated and secured data connectivity between your business locations and Vodafone’s Internet Gateways.

Gives your organization an edge of faster data output with state-of-the-art infrastructure supporting right from your web-hosting to your e-mail and internet connectivity infrastructure efficiently.

Features and Benefits:

· Multiple bandwidth options from 2Mbps and above.

· Secure and private – Leased Access is dedicated entirely to you.

· International gateways at Mumbai and Pune for assuring traffic routing at Trans Atlantic and Trans Pacific paths.

· Network is also peered with Google at different locations.

· Networks reach in almost all important cities of Maharashtra through Major and Mini POP’s.

· Internet bandwidth is Scalable on demand.

· High uptime assurance with industry standard SLA and redundancy in network connectivity.

· Reliable –We deliver Leased line on fiber optic or licensed/ open band.

· Resilience can be developed as part of the solution.

· Symmetrical Bandwidth i.e. unlike copper cable/ DSL connectivity, the upload & download speeds are same.

· Industry standard service level agreements for ensuring "always on "services.

· 24x7 customer service by MPLS Network Operation Center’s at Mumbai, Pune, Rajasthan and Madurai, with Central NOC at New Mumbai.

  • Guaranteed bandwidth ranging from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps and more.
  • Flexible and easy to scale
  • Can easily accommodate bandwidth-hungry applications
  • Can give 1:1 bandwidth with protected international routes with Priority Internet Leased Line
  • Can give 1:1 bandwidth with un-protected international routes with Business Internet Leased Line
  • Business Internet Port leading to committed bandwidth of 70% on the port
  • Value Plus Internet Leased Lineoffering committed bandwidth of 25% of the port bandwidth

  • Allows faster adoption and hosting of Internet based applications
  • Provides both dedicated and shared bandwidth
  • Delivers symmetric bandwidth and faster output
  • Gives high uptimes and low latencies, guaranteed by Service Level Agreements
  • Has a high capacity carrier grade backbone network, so you can scale up as your business grows
  • Connects to Internet ports of major international exchange locations
  • Delivers periodic performance reports



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